The RockStar Chiropractic Project is the Brainchild of Jason Ulsrud, a Chiropractor with a hell of a lot to say about the amazing profession of Chiropractic.  This website serves to be a Chiropractic Resource, and a playground to explore ideas and how-to’s as they relate to Chiropractic.  Enjoy the amazing content on the RockStar Chiropractic Project, and make your voice heard in the comments area of the RockStar Blog.  ~Jason Ulsrud D.C.

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questions about membership chiropractic


On this episode of the Rule Breakers Podcast, Dr. Jason answers listeners questions about marketing and setting prices for a Membership practice. Leave a Comment →

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Some RockStar Project Favs

Corrective MTA

I did this video as part of an N52 Weeks show and had no idea it would get such a negative response.  Truth be told, this manipulation really is effective and feels great.

Hidden Camera Adjustment

Ok, before you go getting your HIPAA panties all in a bunch, this was not a hidden camera.  This was a good friends father who volunteered to help me demonstrate the RockStar Adjustment.

Hospital Adjustment

A while back my son Luka had to go to the emergency room after slashing his head open on his brother Niko’s head.  Of course while at the hospital, I went ahead and gave him a RockStar Adjustment.

Some Popular RockStar Interviews

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